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SmithcoSoft Map Editor
SmithcoSoft MapEd -by SmithcoSoft Creations 2002-2006

SmithcoSoft MapEd is being designed for the use of map creation for RPG games. Specifically it is being designed for a SmithcoSoft Creations upcoming RPG, which will not be announced at this time. The Editor has many useful features including many that most map editors do not have. The editor is being developed using SDL but can be used to make maps for any 2D engine, as the files saved are simple data. Though it is not yet complete it is nearing completion, and a demo or full versions should become available soon.

Standard Map Functions
-Load Map
-Save Map
-New Map
-Fill Map
-Tile copy
-Load Tileset
-Take Screenshot

Layer System
-5 visible layers

Graphics Loading
-Can load multiple tilesheets into a single array, images per tilesheet must be the same size, but different tilesheets can have different sized tiles.
-Can load any sized tile sheet or tile image

-Scripting is built into the editor and allows a variety of effects or options, upon release the code will be available for other users to use those effects.
-Can save, load, and edit map trigger lists, and scripting files.
-Trigger locations can be viewed on the map
-Triggers will be initialized in game by either contact or direct interaction, quite often triggers will be used for loading of new maps and transitions.
-The list viewed in the pictures is by far not complete of all of the scripting abilities.

Character Editor -yet to be added
-Will allow for editing of character data files, a character graphic will be placed on the base layer where you can add text options or move options just as with the scripting.
-You can specify the route an NPC will take or give the character a bounding box to roam freely
-You can also choose the method of interaction, be it contact or by talking to the character directly.

Animation editor -Yet to be added
-Will allow creation of data files specifying which tiles on the map will be animated and to which other tiles they animate. This will save code and time in the main code of the game.

Menu System
-The MapEd menu system is fully dynamic and will conform to meet the text options in that specific menu.
-Though simple in looks the menu system is quite a power option for the editor, similar code will go into the actual game for such options.

-The mini map is used to view the entire map in a relatively small area, though buggy on resizing yet it serves its purpose.
-Users can customize how the mini map looks by editing the mini map file(s). Each tile is represented by a single color specified in the data files.

-The editor is set up to run in 1024x768 in any bpp mode the users wants, however the maximum editing area is 800x600 as the rest is used up by menus and map info.
-Although default map area is currently 800x600 any size map can be used up to that size. So say your want to use 320x200, or 640x480, or even 111x222 then that's what it will be set to. You can also get an editing size than can show 1 full screen shot of your map, so you know exactly where everything is before you even test the map in game.

The following pictures will briefly show some of the features of the editor, just keep in mind these are placeholder graphics =)

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