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Eternal Journey
Current build: 0.17.5

In a world where information and technology are controlled by the government, few knew the truths of what they are capable of. The expansion of this knowledge leads to a tragic disaster that threatens the existence of every creature in the world. For some, fighting was all they could do to survive, others simply yearned for the truth, but for those living this tale it seemed that all hope was lost.

Description: Eternal Journey is a huge project, and a lot of work is going into what I hope will be the best game of its kind ever made in BASIC (I hope it will be able to rank among the best 2D RPGs ever made for any platform). I have tried to expand on the ideas of what I believe to be one of the greatest video game series ever, "Final Fantasy". I have taken the best concepts and ideas from these games (as well as others) and adapted my own style and ideas to them.

I plan on having more than 40 hours of story driven gameplay, and numerous sidequests and side stories. I am a far better designer than programmer, but because of this I feel that I can develop this game to the above average standards that I have set for it. Having set no time constraints to the development of this project, it will only be completed when I feel it is perfect.

Game Features:
  • 40+ hours of in depth story driven game play
  • Hundreds of character combinations
  • 40+ characters classes (all with individual skills)
  • The ability to retain skills from a previous class
  • Unique skill system where skills are leveled with use
  • A very health supply of weapons / armor / items / and magic to choose from
  • Numerous side quest to gain ground over the increasing difficulty
  • Weapon and armor recipies that are used to create rare equipment
  • Longer more difficult well ballanced battles - no more '1 hit victories'

Engine Features:
  • 800x600x32 resolution powered by YAGL
  • Sound and music powered by FMOD
  • pixelxpixel scrolling

Naming Scheme:
The last number in the set represents minor code revisions / additions
The third number represents major code revisions / additions
The second number represents significant milestones, and major code additions complete
The first number will be equal to one after the project is complete

Development Log: To get the latest dev log and other information about Eternal Journey visit the Forums

Eternal Journey Demos
Demo #2.0
Demo #2.0 No Sound
Release Date: Saturday November 18, 2006
Description: The second official Eternal Journey demo.

Demo #1.5
Demo #1.5 No Sound
Release Date: Thursday May 11, 2006
Description: An update to the first demo.

Demo #1 Sound
Demo #1 No Sound
Release Date: Friday April 21, 2006
Description: The first functional Eternal Journey demo.

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